Welcome to Michael Mimbach's world, where everyone is out to get mimbach, and he's done nothing to deserve it.

These voicemails are from mimbach, who's been calling non stop long-distance from Utah to harass me, he seems to think that I'm ruining his life. [Update! Mimbach sent a take-down notice to Google about this page, see it here, mirror, pdf of fax]

Michael_Mimbach-Mimcrotch-Threatening_VoiceMails.mp3 Voicemails #1 and #2
mimbach-third_call.mp3 Voicemail #3
the_mimbach_truth2.mp3My own personal mix.

This is Michael Mimbach, lovingly known as Mimcrotch

Michael Mimbach is a terrorist

This is his split personality, Michelle Mimbach

Michael Mimbach is a homophobic homosexual

This is the #1 reason we need better gun control laws, convicted sex offenders with guns.

Michael Mimbach, sex offender, with a glock

An anonymous submission: Mimbach's girlfriend

Dana Edwins

I'm not sure if the following are a direct result of intercourse with mimbach, or if it's simply his fetish (NOT WORK SAFE!)
One Two
The above images were nabbed from http://mimbach.com/sites/dana/blah/ (un?)fortunately it's now been taken down
Here's another anonymous submission(Work safe)

At least people now know what an asshole this guy is.

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